Symphoricarpos albus

Symphocarpus albus var albus is a common deciduous shrub of the Pacific Northwest. The common name of S. albuse var albus is Snowberry due to the 1cm diameter fruits that are bright white in color that appear on the shrub in late summer and persist to spring. The shrub stands up to 2m tall, the most recent growth having the smallest diameter. The oval leaves are borne in pairs and measure approximately 2cm long. The flowers produced in spring into late summer are similar to that of other memebers of the Caprifoliace, with 5 pink petals fused for much of the length in to a distinct tube.

S. albus var albuse is found in many habitat types including dense forests, brushy areas, along roadsides and open slopes of the lowlands up to mid elevations.

S. albus var laevigatus is a second variety of S. albus that stands 2 to 3m tall, with fruit 1 to 1.5cm across and the twigs and lower leaf surfaces are gnerally hairy.


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