Lilium washingtonianum

Lilium washingtonianum has several larger, showy, white flowers arranged in a loose raceme, making it stand out in the open forests of central Oregon where this photo was taken. This perennial herb has unbranched stems, 6 white or pink 6 to 9 cm tepals and the typical exaggerated male and female whorls, siz large anthers surrounding a single short lobed carpel.

This species is found in chapparal or open forests east of Mount Hood, stretching southward through the Cascades to southwest Oregon and the northern Sierras of California. Observations of L. washingtonianum have be reported at up to 5000 feet.



Hitchcock, C.L. and A. Cronquist (1994) Flora of the Pacific Northwest, University of Washington Press, Seattle and London.

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